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I am already in the second week of the course at the Escuela Técnica de Bicicleta (ETB) in Madrid’s San Isidro district. Last week we were a group of five students and two to three teachers who helped us build our first bicycle frame. Like last week, the course is taking up a lot of time right now, so I’ll leave you with some impressions of the first week and hope to present a longer blog next week. What I can say right now is that the course will keep my passion for bikes thriving and I want to find out how I can continue to design and build bikes in Switzerland.

Draft on a scale of 1:1 to check the position of the chain and seat stays
Templates to cut and file the joints by hand exported and printed with the help of BikeCAD.
The framework of a course member in the jig
My tacked frame (with small brass dots) before checking for good alignment.
Friday, last day of the first week, nine or ten in the evening. The whole group with two teachers. Top left: Pablo (teacher), Alex, Ron and Alex (teacher). Bottom left: Jero, me and Damian.